Neuro-robotics is a combination of the study of neuroscience, robotics, and artificial intelligence.

Neuro-robotics is about building and simulating robots with an embedded control system that mimics the structure and function of the nervous system.

In other words, building this type of robot will not only help with tasks that require precision it might even, one day, eliminate the need for human intervention.

We see the use of these robots, especially in the medical field which is our topic of interest for our forum. The “Neuro-robots” are robots that learned to perform somewhat repetitive procedures that require a high level of precision.

For example, the Da Vinci surgical system that performed stitches on a grape as proof of how measured and detailed the work provided is. This robot is not only capable of performing stitches but also minor surgical procedures.

In the future, these robots are said to perform more critical procedures using algorithms that are inspired by the human neural system.


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